Get Refreshed and Replenished With IV Hydration Services in Stockbridge, GA

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Hydrate and Rejuvenate IV Therapy & Wellness proudly works with hardworking individuals, stay-at-home moms and people recovering from surgery to provide superior IV hydration solutions in Stockbridge, GA. Our nutritious and vitamin-rich IV drips offer many wonderful benefits to help you enjoy an easier, healthier and more active lifestyle.

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Searching for hydration drip services in Stockbridge, GA? Hydrate and Rejuvenate IV Therapy & Wellness offers several IV therapy solutions for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our options include:

Hydrate and rejuvenate drip ($185) - this signature drip replenishes your energy and consists of vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6), a mineral blend and B12.

Immunity drip ($185) - this drip helps enhance your body's natural immunity, helping to fight infections and reduce recovery times. Consists of Vitamin C, Zinc, B Complex (may add additional vitamin c for a fee)

Detox drip ($225) - this drip is used to cleanse the liver and it serves as a vitamin replacement. Consists of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) B-Complex, Amino Blend, with a Glutathione push at the end of the drip

Hangover drip ($225) - this drip helps you recover from a hangover faster and easier. Consists of B-Complex, Amino and Mineral Blend, Toradol push (if needed), Zofran

Alleviate drip ($185) - this drip alleviates pain associated with migraines and menses. Consists of Toradol push, B-complex, Calcium, and Magnesium

Myers cocktail ($225) - this drip is considered the gold standard of IV hydration, as it helps reduce fatigue, muscle spasms and much more. Consists of Vitamin C (High dose), Magnesium, Calcium, B-Complex, B12

Glow drip ($250) - this drip reduces acne, wrinkles and tired skin, giving your body a healthy and youthful glow. Consists of Biotin, Vitamin C, Taurine (recommends Glutathione push add-on)

Athlete drip ($250) - this drip helps athletes feel better after exercising. It can also help alleviate overused muscles and injuries. Consists of Amino Blend, B-Complex, B12, Mineral Blend

Classic hydration ($95) - this drip has no additives and consists of a half-liter of saline.

NAD+ 250mg ($300) - Minimum 2 hour drip; this drip provides mental clarity and offers anti-aging support.

NAD+ 500mg ($525) - Minimum 4 hour drip; this drip provides mental clarity and offers anti-aging support, just at a stronger level.

Vitamin add-on ($40) - you can add vitamins to any of the options listed above.

Brain Fog - Improve overall brain function, increase memory recall, enhance certain aspects of learning. Consists of Amino Blend, B-Complex, B12, Mineral Blend

Skin Care + Hydration -We want you to feel good about the skin you are in. We are offering this deal that you cannot beat. Hydrafacial + Glutathione Vitamin Hydration. Glutathione is not only a liver cleanse, but it also helps your skin to glow by correcting dark spots and other skin issues. Schedule your appointment with our esthetician and nurse today.

Hair, Nails, Skin Drip -Fight acne, wrinkles, and tired skin from the inside out. Biotin, Vitamin C, Taurine (recommends Glutathione push add-on)