Look Fit and Healthy With Laser Lipo Services in Stockbridge, GA

Explore this non-surgical treatment for improving your body aesthetics

Unlike traditional liposuction, the inventive laser lipo services offered at Hydrate and Rejuvenate IV Therapy & Wellness minimize your risk of complications when combatting stubborn body fat. This premier skin tightening regimen has been widely accepted by many professionals over the years because of its non-invasive status. You can look forward to minimal scarring, less downtime and a shorter procedure in comparison to the traditional route.

To find out more about our modern and innovative skin tightening solutions, reach out right away to schedule laser lipo services in Stockbridge, GA.

Explore our treatment options

Hydrate and Rejuvenate IV Therapy & Wellness offers the following options for improving your body's appearance:

Laser lipo ($55) - this process reduces body fat using laser pads that are placed directly onto the skin. This allows the laser energy to shrink the fat cells in the body.

Body cavitation ($99) - this treatment is perfect for naturally contouring the body and regaining confidence. This service liquefies trapped fat and naturally expels it from the body. Customers are recommended to complete 3-6 sessions minimum.

Skin tightening ($75) - this process uses radio frequencies to tighten the skin and build new collagen. It also helps to tighten loose skin and reduce skin elasticity. Customers are recommended to complete 3-6 sessions minimum.

Cellulite reduction ($99) - this process uses a combination of tools that improve blood circulation, remove fat, reduce cellulite and smooth underlying fat layers to increase elasticity. Sessions typically take 60 minutes and may require multiple treatments depending on the grade level of cellulite.

Sauna blanket ($45) - by sweating out toxins using this blanket, our customers can detox their bodies.

Post-Operation Care - Offering services like lymphatic massages

Lymphatic Drainage Assistance ($99) - A gentle pressure technique moves the waste fluids from the damaged area. The lymphatic drainage assistance helps shortens the recovery time, reduces swelling, helps minimize scar tissue, sheds excess fluid weight, and more! 1-area

Wood Therapy($65) - Wood therapy is an ancient technique used to help reduce cellulite and break down fat cells.

Laser Lipo + Cavitation

Laser Lipo/ Cavitation/Tightening

Cavitation + Tightening -